DWAC-Pac Scenario 2 : Counterattack

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DWAC-Pac Scenario 2 : Counterattack

Postby Koz » Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:45 pm

New scenario using Geomorphic Boards.

I have been wanting a scenario where the Germans are on the offensive and not just falling back to the Alamo to get their butts kicked. Lo and behold I came across this...
...The regimental commander, Brigadier-General Sebree, was all the more satisfied because the two batallions managed to join up. He was getting ready to hurl these units again against Kentner, when a counter attack by the man himself, pushed the 3rd Bn GIs from their positions back to where they had started from in the morning!

I think I have my counterattack scenario. =)

Balance will be a bitch. Charging against the high FP US is always a bugger. Kentlner will have to be a 10-2 or 10-3 of course. =) I may even be able to justify a bit of German Armor in this one as the Panzerjäger-Abteilung 352, which was attached to the 352nd had 1 kompanie of 14 Marder III 38’s. However I don't see any mention of armor in the attack. Bummer! Plus I just confirmed the 14/Gren Reg 897 consisted of 7.5 Paks so no armor. Darn it. (all the armor is on other parts of the front).

I will probably send a large German Grenadier force with high ELR vs a US force with low ELR for being hammered all day. Or good ELR but a lot of green units to represent the ELR from earlier in the day. Will need to give the US an M10. German victory based on CVPs and advancing or clearing US past a certain hex row I would wager.
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