DWAC-Pac Scenario 5 : Le Carillion

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DWAC-Pac Scenario 5 : Le Carillion

Postby Koz » Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:48 pm

Third Scenario on the big map. More to come.
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Re: DWAC-Pac Scenario 5 : Le Carillion

Postby Koz » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:33 am

Edits are in red

July 13, 1944. Normandy.

Driving towards the crossings at Pont-Hebert, the 35th Division advanced along the east side of the Vire River. The 320th Regiment advanced towards Le Carillion, while its sister regiment, the 137th, advanced towards La Mare to the west. Straddling the regimental boundary, were the soldiers of Kampfgruppe Kentner of the 266th Infantry Division, entrenched upon a nose of hills. While the 137th assaulted down a draw towards La Mare, the 320th advanced upon Le Carillion. Supported by elements of the 654th T.D. BN. and 737th Tank BN, the infantry advanced towards the hedgerows and the hamlet beyond.

The 320th received hampering fire from the high ground and hedgerows to the southwest as they crossed the open ground to Le Carillion. The hamlet was wrested from the defenders, but severe flanking fires from the nose to the west limited gains to 300 yards by the days end. Exhausted, the regiment consolidated its position and prepared to renew attacks on the 14th.


Area in Play: Q to OO, 15 to 34

VC Control the 8 buidings on LeCarillion

US SAN=3, Germ SAN=5
US ELR=3, Germ ELR=3

Initial OOB

(1st balallion, 320th infantry Division)
9-2, 8-1, 8-0 x2, 7-0
6-6-6 x 9
3-4-6 x 6
1-2-6 x 3
.50 cal HMG x 1
MMG x 2
60mm MTR x 3
Baz 44 x 3
Jeep (unarmed) x 1

Armor Support
8-1 armor leader
737th Tank BN
M4 x 3
654th T.D. BN.
M-10 GMC x2

Co. Transport (enter turn 2)

1 1/2 Ton truck x 2

Elements of the 60th Engineer Combat Btn (enter turn 3)
3-4-7 x2
DC x 2
1 1/2 Ton truck

Elements of Kampfgruppe Kentner, 266th Infantry Division.
Setup on or south of a bocage line from II14 to II15 to CC16t CC16 to DD24 to AA25 to AA34
897th Grenadier Regiment
9-2, 8-1, 8-0 x2, 7-0
4-6-7 x9
2-4-7 x 3
MMG x 2
LMG x 4
PSK x 2
81mm MTR x 2
2-2-8 x 2
Wagon x4

13/897th Grenadiers
Pak 38 x 3
2-2-8 x 3
? x 12
HIP 2 squad equiv + guns & mtrs

Observation tower x 1

8 points to Purchase Fortifications on or N of row HH, west of II19 road.
12 south of HH in German setup area

Fortified Building = 2 FP
Wire = 1 FP
Roadblock = 2 FP
6 factors of AP Mines =1 FP
2 factors AT mines = 1 FP
1 Squad Equiv Foxhole = 1 FP
Breach = 1 FB
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Re: DWAC-Pac Scenario 5 : Le Carillion

Postby Koz » Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:23 pm

I was playing some VASL solo at work today (Place was shut down as people bashed heads over a gas line cut last week) and was pushing around pieces on the Le Carillion scenario. I discovered a MAJOR hole in my defensive setup. Was able to line up all 3 Shermans in an LOS hole and lay smoke down to essentially cut the board in half. Had good luck with the sM5 and S6 rounds. Going to have to rethink the defensive setup as the two ATG's on the left had +2 to +4 Hinderances at the end of the US turn 1. I also did not defend them properly and there was a platoon of US troops about to overrun the crews. It the rate that was going all 5 tanks (3 shermans and 2 M-10's) would have made it across.

This has made me feel a little better on the scenario as I am forced to spread those ATGs out to cover wide sections of front. If one of them missed ROF there can be a very bad day for the Germans now. In addition, I need to strip a couple of those machine guns that shot up Dave's troops to defend against the platoon attack on the gun crews. I should have forseen that.

(One of the good things about attacking a defensive setup I did months ago. I forged my attack options in a different mindset then when I set it up the first time.)

Going to tweek the defense and have at it again.
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