DWAC-Pac Scenario 11 : Into the Maze

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DWAC-Pac Scenario 11 : Into the Maze

Postby Koz » Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:55 pm

The last scenario on the big map. More to come.
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Re: DWAC-Pac Scenario 11 : Into the Maze

Postby Koz » Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:40 pm

DWAC PAC Scenario 9 "Into the Maze"

To be honest, this is the scenario I have been looking forward to the most. That horrible bocage cluster in the center of the play area flanked by the sunken roads that the Germans can run down to set up flank attacks and cut rout paths.

This should be a rather counter heavy scenario. The largest on the West of the board.

On 14 July, Company E of the 137th was able to get through three hedgerows against light opposition, but then struck fields bordered by sunken lanes and well defended. It continued attacking the rest of the day and advanced only one more field length. Company G managed to approach the east-west lane at which began the main enemy defensive positions and cleaned out the road intersection (Point 89), taking 60 prisoners and 9 machine guns. Finding the Germans well dug in along this line and beyond it in depth, the battalion commander decided to go back to the draw (that is, west) and attack up it, to outflank the enemy. Taking advantage of good cover in the draw, Company G managed to get up abreast of E. There it fanned eastward several hundred yards and resumed attack to the south. The company soon discovered that its maneuver had not gone far enough to envelop the enemy positions, particularly the reserve line, dug in along another east-west lane. Several times Company G almost reached this lane, only to be forced back by heavy fire from the front and left flank. The battalion commander tried a wider envelopment by sending Company F west of E and then south, but this effort netted only one field. On the other side of the nose, the 320th Infantry was making even less headway on 14 July.

Scenario picture

July 14, 1945, Normandy, France.
Pressing to take the Bridges over the Vire at Ponte Hubert, and the east-west highway between St. Lo and the same, the 137th faced frustration after initial successes in the morning bogged down when the German lines solidified and ground the attacks to a halt. Stymied by strong defenses to his front, the commander of the 2nd Battalion, seized upon the success of the 1st Battalion's E Company, to maneuver. Taking advantage of a draw along the Battalion boundary, G Company shifted to the west then advanced south until abreast of Company E. There, they fanned out to the east and, confident they had flanked their earlier opposition, resumed the assault southward.

As the Company advanced southward the soon discovered that the Germans position had been a salient and their maneuver had not indeed turned the main line. A sunken road running north-south to their left, and an east-west reserve line to their front poured heavy fire and counterattacks into their position. Several assaults were made on the reserve line, but the flanking fire and heavy resistance to the front drove back the assaults. A second attempt to maneuver was initiated to attempt to flank this position with a further western displacement southwest of company E. Only one more field was captured and the days attacks halted. The German position here and along the rest of the Nose was never taken by assault. Successes to its flanks forced it salient to the main line and it was abandoned overnight to avoid encirclement.

Area in Play
South of row U and West of row 18

Victory Conditions
The US wins if there are no good order Germans in the Sunken road from D6 to D16

US SAN=3, Germ SAN=5
US ELR=2, Germ ELR=2

US (Co. E, 2nd balallion, 137th Regiment, 35th Infantry Division)
On or North of Row J on West side of stream Q4, On or North of K6, L6 In or west of the sunken road L6 on East side of stream Q4
See SSR for Movement restrictions.

6 x 666
2 x 346
1 x MMG
2 x BAZ 45
1 x 60 mm MTR
1 x 8-1
1 x 8-0

US (Co. G, 2nd balallion, 137th Regiment, 35th Infantry Division)
On or North of Row P on East side of Stream side of stream Q4, West of Hexes P10, Q11, R 10, S10, P9

9 x 666
3 x 346
2 x MMG
3 x BAZ 45
1 Radio
3 x 60 mm MTR (Can be exchanged for OBA + radio)
1 x 9-2
1 x 9-1
1 x 8-1
1 x 8-0

1 105mm module of OBA

Machine gun platoon Attached
1 x .50 cal HMG
1 x HMG
2 x 126 crew

Elements of the 60th Engineer Batallion.
1 x 7-0
4 x 347
4 x DC

Elements of the 737th Tank Batallion
2 x M4 Sherman
1 9-1 AL

Germans (Elements of Kampfgruppe Kentner, 897th Grenadier Regiment, 266th Infantry Division. )

8 points to Purchase Fortifications On or South of Row I on West side of stream Q4
12 points to purchase fortifications On or South of Row L on East side of stream Q4. not within 1 hex of US set up areas.

Fortified Building = 2 FP
Wire = 1 FP
Roadblock = 2 FP
6 factors of AP Mines =1 FP
1 factor AT mines = 1 FP
1 Squad Equiv Foxhole = 1 FP
Breach = 1 FB
Observation tower-1FP

On or South of Row Q on West side of stream Q4
3 x 467
1 x MMG
2 x LMG
1 x 8-1
1 x 7-0
3 x ?

On or South of Row R on East side of stream Q4
9 x 4-6-7
3 x 247
1 Field Phone
1 Radio
1 9-1
2 8-1
2 7-0
12 x ?

2 81mm MTR
2 x 88L AA (Flak 18 Fast Turret and Limber version)
4 x 228
12 ?

2 88mm OBA modules with scarce ammunition

SSR1: Sunken Roads are as per the Campaign SSR. (See Hedgerow thread.)
SSR2: The stream is shallow.
SSR3: Weather is overcast with chance of rain.
SSR4: The US 347's are assault engineers
SSR5: The DCS may be used to breach bocage as per standard rules for wall breach.
SSR6: All elements of Company E are marked with no move counters for the first turn of the game. They may fire as normal but may not move or advance until US turn 2.
SSR7: 2 German squad equivalents and accompanying SMC/SW may be set up HIP.
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