Thanks for a good time

August 2011 Meet

Thanks for a good time

Postby Randym » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:17 am

Attending were myself, Koz, and Jeff. Jeff wasn’t feeling 100%, and bowed out after picking up some Flames of War minis. Koz and I set up both a bocage playtest and the Drive for Oil scenario from Case Blue. After some discussion, we settle in on some OCS.

We were able to get through a full turn, with all the bells and whistles. I showed Koz how the Germans can easily punch a hole and surround entire Soviet armies. Koz showed me how Soviet cavalry can overrun German supply trucks and make off with supply points and captured trucks. I think we covered all the basics. One thing I messed up was the sequence for hipshoots with the Stukas. I forgot that in the current 4.0 rules all units must end their movement before another may begin. The example on page 15 makes that clearer on how to get a spotter positioned. So, the Germans would have to be a bit more clever in their overrun sequencing. I think we both saw how much damage the Germans can do, but at tremendous cost in supply, which can leave them open and over-exposed. His Guards unit laughed-off being pocketed…

Looks like Ares is doing ok. There were a couple groups of Magic being played, and some Battletech minis. There was also a miniature painting session going on.
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Re: Thanks for a good time

Postby Koz » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:12 pm

What Randy said.

I pre pulled the pieces for the DWAC-Pac Scenario 9 : Grist for the Mill ( scenarios in case any 3rd parties showed up. Its a large scenario fit for 3 way play. As it is totally untested I wanted to push some pieces.

While waiting in case a third player showed up Randy mentioned he had brought Case Blue. As I had read the on line copy of the rules I was interested in this so we set up and ended up playing the first turn. Randy pocketed two groups outside of Rostov, but had some bad rolls and a cute supply saving move backfire on him NE of Rostov. I got to move some pieces around, learned the refit phase better and got hands on on what I had only read about before. It was worth my time. My wallet wont be happy though looking at what is available for order at MMP. I must have this system. :)

3rd Meet I have made without playing ASL. And I even showed up early this time. ;) Maybe next month. :)
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