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Postby grognard69 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:05 pm

Hey fellas,

Thought I would drop a line from DFW and let you all know how the North Texas Shootout went, including ME winning a mini tournament trophy! Doors opened on Friday, 11/9 at 0800. There were 16 total entrants and the hotel was nice and the game room was very spacious. Lots of local places to eat and big PLUS was a whole bank of first floor rooms around the game room were reserved. Some noteables in attendance; Rick Reinisch, Sam Tyson, Mike Denson, Brian Roundhill, Matt Zajac, Arlen Vanek and some others I shamefully do not remember, a couple of Jim's though and a Pat and of course Ed Beekman.

Tournament was a grab bag on friday, play what you want and who you want, with wins and losses recorded as well as some different victory points awarded for nationality played, theater played, terrain types and some other weird ways people could accumulate points, other CVP of course. I am writing this from memory at the moment, so I don't remember all the scenario numbers but think I remember most of the names and my opponents.

1st Game, Pat ?, Scenario Tea at 3 (I think)
Crazy scenario where the Brits get commandoes with HTH capability and 5 DCs, they need to take a village and control of all stone buildings. I ended up with the Germans by dice roll and basically just hunkered down and made the Brits come to me, and come they did! There were a total of 4 CC situations that the Brit initiated HTH and in every single one of them he either casualty reduced my squad or whiffed it completely, and in response I NUKED every squad on my CC HTH rolls. This was a scenario I had no business winning and somehow pulled it off. Got VP for the win and VP for "special" CC/HTH kills which moved me up the charts.

2nd Game, Opponent Mike Denson, Scenario Under the Noel Trees
Classic scenario, ended up with Germans again on random die roll. Figured COOL, since its SS on tanks cruising in the snow with winter camo, if I play this right I might win! Infantry enter as riders, cruised up to the left flank with 2 of my AFVs and right flank with 5 AFVs. Forgot about the SSR about the American not having to place SWs, but could secretly identify where they were, so ended up getting whacked by a bazooka. That sucked. That was on the right. Then thought I was being sneaky and he flamed an AFV on the right with a TD. It remained concealed, cuz they setup HIP as an AT gun. Got rate and smoked a 2nd AFV on the right. So now I had lost 3 AFV by turn 3 German Prep fire. That sucked! I need to get 4 vehicles off to win. Anyway we jockyied for position and traded shots and worked LOS until the last turn. Made my desperate drive off! I would have gotten 3 off, I think, but moved the unit at most risk first and yep, there was another bazooka, game over. So I got the loss, but VP for using snow, winter camoflage, woods roads and some other special circumstance VP conditions. So now I was middle of the pack.

3rd Game, Opponent Brian Roundhill, Scenario Tolstoy Woods
I ended up with the Russian due to random die roll. I should have had this one, but alas, NO. I misread the AFV counters and assumed I had to use platoon movement which slowed me way down. Didn't keep my head up for fire lanes from the heavy and medium MGs in the German OB. I was able to get all the way across the valley and into the first few buildings by turn 4. Then............he got reinforcements and well that just changed the game completely as reinforcements do. Brian Roundhill is a tactician and he worked me good. I was unable to take 5 buildings for the win. That wasn't gonna happen, damn another loss. This time I got VP for another crazy CC win, and OVR and the woods roads maps, etc. Of course we didn't know what the special benefits were for VP until the very end of the tournament.

I was eliminated from the main tournament but ended up in the mini tournament as the Axis player. There were 3 Axis and 3 Allied. We played against the Allies but for trophy and tournament purposes our scores were compared to the Axis players based on what you played and how you did, CVP.

4th Game, Opponent Arlen Vanek, Scenario Three Card Monty
Well this one was unfortunately a very short lived scenario. I set up, Arlen came onboard into the teeth of defense and I flamed 2 tanks in one defensive fire phase, smoked 1 more in my Prep fire phase and added 2 halftracks as well. This opened up me to a flanking move with the PSK and I pretty much had him on the ropes. He failed his personal MC and forfeited. The Tournament Director offered to finish the game for my opponent since I had caused so much CVP that the other players could catch me point wise if the game was called. I can explain that more at a meet, but I accepted. the last minute Matt Zajac offered to stand in. So I accepted. Poor Matt was already in a hole and he tried, but I ended up eliminating every AFV in the OB and 4.5 squads to boot. Racked up crazy CVP and there was no way another Axis player was gonna catch me point wise. So another scenario was not played.

Here were the final results:

Tournament winner: Sam Tyson
2nd Place: Jim Farrel (I think)
Allied Master Sargeant: Rick Reinisch
Axis Master Sargeant: ME

All in all it was a good time, it was fun for sure. All in all 2-2 I was happy. I just didn't want to get crushed and since I didn't really get any play at Austin it was a good experience. I would repeat for sure, nice group of guys who are already luring me back to Austin and March Madness in KC.

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