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Lessons learned

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:38 pm
by Keith Collins
So what happened?

Re: Lessons learned

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:27 am
by Randym
AI is good location for the meet. There were approximately 30 Pokemon players there for the tournament, but we were able to play in the back (miniatures?) room. We played The Biltzkrieg Legend (OCS), scenario "Center" which featured my Germans driving against Jeff's French and Koz's Belgians and BEF.

My Germans got several great dice rolls, especially on the Turn 2 bounce for initiative, and both the special commando ops that seized both Eban Emael and the bridge, making the breakout into Belgium very quick. Unfortunately, the rolls balanced out as my hip-shoot Stukas couldn't hit the side of a barn door with a red target painted on it. The line of cavalry that screened the Ardennes was much tougher than expected. Both defenses were deployed quite well, bottling up the 5th and 7th Pz; one disasterous overrun saw the French gaining surprise and killing two panzer battalions. The randomly placed Chasseurs Ardennais unit occupied 3 German infantry divisions for two full turns, killing 3 steps in exchange. Jeff released a mechanized division across the Meuse and hit the weakened panzers at Ciney, which ended their drive for good. The French would be attritioned down over the next 2 turns, but no exit vp's for either panzer divsion. And no Germans across the Meuse south of Namur, at least until the infantry and artillery could make it up (with supply, of course) - another 2 turns or more.

Koz's Belgians took a lot of hits, but pulled back into Liege and the forts are tough. I attacked the main fort with 4 infantry divisions and 4 artillery groups (barrage off the chart) and inflicted 1 step loss for an expenditure of full 6 supply points. Ouch! He had the BEF poised around Brussels for a counter attack, and the Germans felt really over-extended at this point. Their supply situation is tight, and the timeclock was ticking. A well-placed defense barrage can be nasty, and several German lead units were DG'ed by these.

All in all, a good time. We won't know about Dec 1 vs. Dec 8 until next week , when they post the schedule.

Re: Lessons learned

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:45 pm
by Koz
Randy had a rough time as the Germans. I am beginning to think most of the OCS scenarios are a bit of a puzzle for the Germans. Granted I have only seen 5 games played (Counting the online Tunisia AAR) but Dennis made great headway in his game vs Randy at the end of the world scenario, then bogged down under supply troubles. My solo play of GB 5.1 has had the germans making a crazy push, then...What? next turn I only have 4 supply for 4 divisions + independents? How can I attack? Third scenario Randy has bogged sown in supply hell. As Randy said in the post-mortem, You play multiple times and then find the trick. I do have concern here on how this effects replay value if its a puzzle game with limited solutions.

I have learned that Panzers are mobile country units. The x2 modifiers for open ground that make them a horror in the steppes, are negated by a simple village, woods or river crossing. In my GB 5.1 solo play, and now this scenario, I have seen mighty panzer divisions stonewalled by a simple infantry speed bump in non-overrun terrain. The rule book said you learn about where to use your armor and not to use it. This lesson is sinking in finally. I am going to have to think about what is really needed to break out those two panzer divisions bottled up in the Ardennes. Fascinating tactical struggle.

Got to use reserves in defense for the first time. Tricky situation but I managed to pull off a coup in that artillery reaction on the airfield DGing the concentrated panzer division. I have to call this more a result of desperation to plug a ruptured front than brilliant tactical skill, but I cant say it was a total fluke as I had placed them to do what they did. Thank god Randy was out of MPs though as if he had been able to move or exploit I would have been toast.

Learned the value of those hedgehogs. The massive artillery barrage and infantry assault Randy mentioned...I was expecting a large crater there and instead Randy took the hit. Horrible dice roll as I recall though on top of the surprise. How do you take those things out of supply, Randy? Dont the garrison's have inherent supply or something did you say?

All in all a great time. Jeff and I sat for a long time with Randy's double move, but watching him try and get around the formidable obstacles before him was very educational.

Re: Lessons learned

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:35 pm
by Randym
The forts (and intrinsic garrison) do not need supply, but any other "real" units do need supply. So, holding Liege long-term would require more supply than was present. For a scenario it wouldn't matter.

As for the puzzle aspect, there are 3 main scenarios with 2 sides, so 6 puzzles to figure out a min/max strategy for. Then try to apply that to a campaign game and see if it works. I think there are enough wrinkles for a few plays. Then there is the free set-up campaign. I am also waiting to see if there are some variants (maybe in a Special Ops?) in the same way France '40 gave us revised OBs and what-ifs.