Thanks for a great meet!

Info on the November 2014 DWAC Meet

Thanks for a great meet!

Postby Koz » Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:57 pm

Looks like we had 6 attendees while I was there. Me, Scott, Jeff, Jeff, Keith, Randy, and DR, and various progeny. :) Great turn out!

Got a chance to play Scott in Zon With the Wind. Neat scenario. I got a little over aggressive with my Americans giving Scott way too many die rolls, and made some tactical mistakes, so I conceded on the second to last turn when I didn't have enough VP close enough to the exit area to win. Hard to exit off the board edge when your squads are cowering on the start edge under DM and even a disruption counter (I thought you paras were elite!) or laying in spreading pools of red. Great game though and its always fun to play Scott. Good to see you back. :)

Extra thanks to the guys for staying late and playing a round of Andean Abyss. We didn't finish the game but I hope the guys had a good time once the tactics were starting to make sense. 4 way rumble for certain in all the games of the series.

Hoping that the Paseo project will be done in time for the next meet.

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Re: Thanks for a great meet!

Postby Scott G » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:22 pm

Agree with Koz -- thanks for making this happen Keith! It has been nice to get back to playing ASL. All those counters, maps and scenarios just pining away in the closet for far too long. Looking forward to December!!
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Re: Thanks for a great meet!

Postby Keith Collins » Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:19 am

Koz wrote:Looks like we had 6 attendees while I was there. Me, Scott, Jeff, Jeff, Keith, Randy, and DR, and various progeny. :) Great turn out!


That would be 7 plus progeny :oops:

I had the good fortune to play a pair of Jeff's in Reaping Rewards, fun scenario. In the end we had to quit unfinished to not delay the evening game plans. In the end it looked like a 70%/30% chance for a Romanian win per Jeff T. (Although as the last USSR player standing I'd say it was more like 99%/1% Romanian as I misread the VC and though I had to take all 3 buildings instead of 1 :oops: )

A very fun scenario although the DI shot that worked on the flame throwing KV early in the game greatly reduced the USSR hope of victory, as well as the too aggressive play of Keith. USSR were in position to make a push late game, but I don't think they had enough and would have needed some dice luck. I would have been interesting to see if the USSR having positions on both sides of the Romanians would have lead to more failure to rout eliminations that we are used to and thus a quicker defensive collapse.

Well, I'll keep this on the 3 player list and will likely get another crack at it.

Thanks for a fun game to both Jeffs :D
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