AAR July Meet

July 2011 Meet

AAR July Meet

Postby grognard69 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:36 pm

I wanted to thank everyone that I met on Saturday for answering my questions, putting up with my cobwebs and basically showing me a great time. Thanks to Randy, Jeff, Keith and Koz.

Randy and I played Red Barricades, the Bread Factory #2. Pretty straight forward infantry and SW game that was very fun to play, we actually made it thru all 6 turns with the outcome being decided on the last Russian turn.

Randy played as the Russians defending and I played as the German assaulting. Basic synopsis of play follows:

1st Turn, I got confused over which leader the 9-1 or 9-2 was the beserk eligible SMC. Anyway this kinda hosed my 1st turn setup with regards to the HMG and just what MMC I stacked with Capt Beserk eligible. No huge issues though, but wouldn't you know it, my 9-1 was the beserk eligible guy and he went in the first turn, with my elite 5-4-8 following him across the street and right into one of the victory locations. The SMC was eliminated on TPBF entering the building but the squad survived and CC ensued. In hindsight, I think Randy and I might have screwed the defensive fire phase up, because after some review of the rules, I think when the SMC and squad entered the street for 1 MF, Randy first fired at PBF with +2 wall, then the SMC and squad proceed across the wall and into the building for 4 MF expenditure, this prompted the TPBF that KIA the SMC, which would have qualified for subsequent first fire, but with the expenditure of 4 MF would this have then prompted a final protective fire at TPBF and then halved with the DR as a MC for the Russian squad? This last fire didn't occur, but I am unclear if it should have been forced or not? Rest of the german squads assault moved thru terrain to close on targets, no issues, no real stories to tell.

2nd turn thru 4th turn, was basically jocking for position around the victory locations, trading PBF and breaking and reduction for both sides. He opened up with a HIP HMG and Commissar (nice move remembering commissar rule) and all hell broke loose in turn 2. Finally was able to suppress that 1st level hex and form an assault into that building which coincidentally held a sewer entrance. Once occupied that hex was a hotly contested location. After eliminating all Russian units and having advanced to the first level recovering the HMG, this allowed me to put a wall of bullets from 2 HMGs now, the captured Russian and the one I started with. There were several CC evolutions that occurred in those 3 turns with a pretty even dispersal of casualties.

5th and 6th turn had my remaining units holding both victory locations and holding wall advantage in a nearby hex, pretty much cutting off any assualt across the street to recover the locations. During turn 5 I got ROF on the German HMG and was able to pretty much destroy 2/3 of his remaining squads, I think it was in neighborhood of 6 successive ROF. Anyway Germans got the win.

Some other discussion Randy and I had were in the selection of placement of the 45mm AT gun as well as the entrenchment. I think we both agreed the entrenchment would have been better suited in a location to feed an assault into either or both of the objective hexes should the Russians be pushed out. We also discussed a critical blind hex that once the Russian HMG was suppressed and captured, I was free to group a large assault group there and freely swap SW prior to advance into victory location. That hex was key as well as the shell holes I used to assault his positions, I think in hindsight, having a unit on the ground floor of a building sharing a wall hexside, it might have been beneficial to either move or place a unit close enough so that you could deprive use of the wall assaulting the building. 1st level should definitely be considered for initial setup in the victory locations, at height advantage you reduce wall TEM by 1 and you force that beserk SMC and MMC to cross the street, where you hit him with no TEM, wall is negated with height advantage and FFNAM at PBF, if they live, they get into the ground floor where you can subsequent first albeit at +3 and then they come upstairs.....this is where I think the FPF might be more likely to be invoked.

All in all I had a fantastic time! Thanks Randy!
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Re: AAR July Meet

Postby Randym » Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:20 pm

Attending were myself, Brian, Jeff, and Keith. Both Koz and Steve stopped by to say hi. The AC as Ares was out, so we should have played some DTO!

Brian and I played the RB sceanario as he noted. I played this as the Germans last time, so wanted to try the Russians. My setup was flawed, especially the placement of the trench. It should have been between the buildings, to allow the Russians to feed in additional squads. I don't think we hosed the fire vs the 9-1, since (IIRC) I used the upper level squad for First Fire, and held fire with the ground floor squad until it was TPBF.

Brian had a lot of patience, since I doubt he rolled under a 9 or 10 until Turn 5 or so. Still came down to the final turn, as my brokies failed to rally and he cleaned up nicely.

Good game!
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