Thanks for a Great Outing

January 2010 Meet

Thanks for a Great Outing

Postby Keith Collins » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:36 am

We had a fun time despite a low turnout and an eleventh hour venue change. (Hope your feeling better Dave).

Randy, Jeff and Keith played 102 Point of the Sword. Jeff took the defending Germans to fend off Randy's Brit commados and Keith's turn 4 arriving Canadian reinforcements. The Allies had to ferret out and take 2 of 3 fortified building locations on the board 10 village.

Jeff played a very good withdrawing defense and inflicted 50% casualties on the Brit commados before they got accross the open ground and into the first cluster of buildings. Where they basically stalled for 2 turns. Ample use of smoke by the Brits got the reinforcing Canadians on with a minimun of casualties. Once the Canadians showed up the numbers were against the Germans and manuver elements + sizable fire groups forced them to give ground. Jeff husbanded his forces fairly well and the end game came down to a Russian like horde of Brits and Canucks running accross the street thru fire lanes and residual to place demos on the remaining fortified locations. As it turned out, just enough of the Allies got thru and Jeff conceded citing a lack of German units to make a counter attack on the last half turn.

Thanks to both Jeff and Randy for braving the location change and being flexible enough to go three player on a scenario, I really enjoyed myself.
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Re: Thanks for a Great Outing

Postby jjtaylor37 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:34 pm

Thanks to Randy and Kieth for a great game. Lots of fun was had. Hope to see you all next game day. If anyone wants to get a game in between now an them, let me know. I'm available most weekends and even the occasional weeknight.
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Re: Thanks for a Great Outing

Postby Randym » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:10 pm

Thanks to Jeff and Keith for a good game. Very tough for those Brits crossing open ground. Got to remember how many MG's you are facing, and where they might be hidden (those 2 spots were very good locations). Will read up on those DC's.
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